About Us

Living Kitzbuehel is alpine lifestyle at its finest

For over 15 years, Living Kitzbuehel has been redefining comfort in Europe, and we're so excited to finally have made the jump across the pond to the United States. Living Kitzbuehel is the comfort slipper brand for those seeking to slip into luxury with every step.

Based in the scenic winter lover's dream destination of Kitzbuehel, Austria, Living Kitzbuehel is a lifestyle brand surrounded by natural inspiration. Since our founding in 2006, the brand has been synonymous with authenticity, sustainability and alpine chic. All of our slippers and shoes are manufactured in northern Italy by one of the most well-known European textile manufacturers, Tuchfabrik Moessmer. Experts in boiled wool and other fine fabrics, Moessmer has been the backbone of Italian designer fashion for over 125 years. As the production partner for Living Kitzbuehel, Moessmer’s high quality manufacturing ensures durable footwear done right.

Since day one, Living Kitzbuehel has focused on striking the perfect balance between man and nature; striving to ensure that our slippers are in tune with the alpine wonderland from which they stem. To do so, we set high standards for our wool (sourcing only from non-mulesing suppliers), conserving resources during manufacture, as well creating styles from reused fibers and natural materials.

Founded as a brand to embody the dynamism and natural beauty of the alpine lifestyle, Living Kitzbuehel slippers offer a sense of escapism in every step. At the same time, the slippers function to provide that extra bit of warmth and relaxation in our hectic lives at a time when being comfortable at home is of the utmost importance.