Fit & Care


Living Kitzbuehel slippers should fit comfortably right out of the box.

We encourage that you try them on indoors, on a smooth clean surface, to ensure that they fit correctly and can be returned/exchanged if needed.

The wool should not be "stretched to fit" as this will stress and compromise the structure of the felt.

For slippers with a removable footbed, you can insert a custom or off-the-shelf orthotic of your choice. Due to their construction, our slippers that feature a removable footbed should always be worn with one.


Since the surface of the wool fiber repels dirt, airing out your slippers in the fresh air is usually enough to give the pair a refresh.

However, if your pair needs a deeper clean, we recommend hand-washing our felt slipper styles (no machine washing) with special wool detergent in water no higher than 30C/86F. Avoid soaking, rubbing, wringing or brushing so that the wool does not become matted. Stuff the slippers with paper and let air dry - never place in the direct sun or on or near a heat source, and never put in the dryer.